MEMBERS please ensure your tickets are up to date, as one or more of the following tickets may be a requirement for dispatch.  IF YOUR TICKET IS NOT VALID, YOU DO NOT MEET THE REQUIREMENTS.

* Safety Construction Orientation Training  (SCOT)

* Rights & Responsibilities  (R & R)

* Pipeline Construction Safety Training  (PCST)

* Ground Disturbance (GD)



These courses are all available through the IUOE Local 870 Training Fund.  Please call Sheryl at (306) 653-1250 to obtain a PIN or more information. 



GOOD  LUCK  to the Level 3 Apprentices with their upcoming training in June.  There is travel assistance for members in good standing who are taking their LVL1, LVL2, or LVL3 training, that live 50 KM or further from the training, paid from the IUOE Local 870 Training Fund.  These cheques will be mailed out once we have received the attendance sheets from the instructor.  Level's  1 & 2 receive $125 a day and are required to attend on weekends.  Level 3 receives $75 a day and attend for a two week period.  Please make sure the Union Hall has a copy of your current SATCC card, and that you have added your current year to your equipment code list.


Apprenticeship Grants are offered through the Employment and Social Development of Canada (ESDC). The Apprenticeship Incentive Grant (AIG) is available to Year One and Two Apprentices.  There is also an Apprenticeship Completion Grant (ACG).  There are application deadlines for these grants, please click on the link below for more information, and instructions how to apply.   


PIPELINE APPROVAL The Enbridge Line 3 Pipeline replacement is tentatively scheduled to start in the fall of 2017. Please check your Pipeline Construction Safety Ticket to see if your ticket has expired.  The PCST ticket will be required to work on this pipeline project.  Ground Disturbance tickets will be required for this pipeline project, if you are operating equipment.  Please call Sheryl for your ticket renewals.


EQUIPMENT TRAINING   If you require certification or training, on zoom boom, overhead crane, front end loader, tugger, or skid steer, our IUOE Local 870 Trainer's are available Monday to Friday.  To book a time call Curtiss (306)221-5320 or Sheldon (306)341-0277.  If you live out of town and require equipment certification from another provider, please call Sheryl for approval at (306)653-1250.