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The International Union of Operating Engineers (IUOE), is a progressive, diversified trade union that primarily represents Operating Engineers, who work as heavy equipment operators, mechanics, and surveyors in the construction industry, and Stationary Engineers, who work in operations and maintenance in building and industrial complexes, and in the service industries. 

Founded in 1896, the IUOE today has 400,000 members in some 170 local unions throughout the United States and Canada. The IUOE is the 12th largest union in the AFL-CIO. Further, nearly 100 apprenticeships and training programs ensure that IUOE members are highly trained, highly skilled craft workers.

The IUOE offers employment and training opportunities to all, regardless of race, sex, creed, color, religion, or national origin. Thus, a diverse membership is welcome--a membership that illustrates a commitment to the labor movement and tireless dedication to the industries the IUOE represents.

In 1959 the IUOE granted a Charter to Local 870 to represent a group of Operating Engineers who worked in the construction sector representing heavy equipment operators and other construction workers.


In 1962 Local 870 petitioned the IUOE for a Branch Charter to be issued for the purpose of organizing and affiliating those persons qualified by craft who are employed in any class of employment and approval was granted for the Charter of 870B.

Local 870 members are employed by crane rental contractors, industrial mechanical contractors, pipeline contractors, maintenance and general contractors.

Local 870B members are employed by commercial industry contractors, coke handling contractors, rural municipalities and sewer and water contractors.

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